A decline in the professional photography

A decline in the professional photography

Ignore or distort the facts at your own peril! Hiren of Soki Studio, Grant Road, has brought down the number of employees from five to three to cut costs. New South Wales has Also, he knows e-commerce website designers take tabletop pictures on their own. You may not like the answer, but that input could save your goose. He remembers the days when he would go into a closet to process his own film and prints. Eight months. Why bother with expensive prints? Life commissions about two projects a month — it sent Mr. And from what I have seen locally coming from older pros, the line em up and shoot em down style photography, well times have changed, it time for you to learn some new tricks or move on.

Have a look at the lenses manufacturers put their elite coloured rings around. Of course its about the equipment, go and have a look at any discipline that requires a camera. But if the number of studios here going out of business and pros switching to doing other non photographic things entirely is anything to go by, it might be a tough ride in the meantime.

You cherry picked your data to make a point, thereby drawing a wrong conclusion.

Future of professional photography

Values, tastes, perceptions, the way we communicate and the economy are all changing. In the current slow economic environment, householders and businesses are undertaking photographic assignments that would formerly have been the realm of professionals. Shapiro of Life. Likewise I will not be upgrading my expensive computer programs like Photoshop, nor will I be upgrading my computer any time soon. Fact: The transition has begun. To put it mildly, the average Joe thinks he can do as good a job as any professional, and that professional services are a waste of money. Talk things over with a friend or spouse to get another point of view. This has resulted in a pronounced dip in professional photography industry revenue, which is estimated to have contracted by an annualised 3.

What do you have to say now? He remembers the days when he would go into a closet to process his own film and prints. Tuesday night, my wife and I went to the church to have our photos taken for the church directory. Technology Puts Better Photos in the Hands of Amateurs In the old days, we loaded our cameras with film, took the shots, processed and printed the film.

Can they do it over and over?

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Because the new kids coming in have been exposed to a lot of imagery, and they are coming up with some fantastic stuff, maybe a little technically off at first, but by means of blogs and their sites you can see them growing as photographers.

For them, I would like to bring all three charts together to make my point very clear.

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No, the industry is definitely in decline: Open Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review