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However, his letters home, his comments in a diary reconstructed from wartime scribblings, and his writings during the early s indicate that he remained conventional in his attitudes. He was a founder of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the author of NATO's so-called Canadian article Article 2calling for economic and social cooperation between the treaty signatories.

He attended the London Naval Conference inmeetings of the League of Nations, and the first World Conference on Disarmament in Geneva inbut in Ottawa his major work was in the field of domestic politics.

It deeply influenced future debate and policy. The relationship attracted the interest of the RCMP and wiretaps.

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After Oxford, he returned to Canada and taught history at the University of Toronto, where he also coached the men's varsity ice hockey team. After conversations with American friends, he decided to call for a halt to the bombing. The times were bad in the early s, but the opportunities for Pearson were many.

Pearson suffered from cancer of the liver and died at his home near Ottawa on December 27, Though Grant was in the room, the Clarks seemed able to ignore his camera.

There Johnson berated and swore at Pearson and made his displeasure clear to the press. From to he served in the office of the High Commissioner for Canada in London; in May,he was appointed assistant undersecretary of state for External Affairs at Ottawa; in June,named minister-counselor at the Canadian Legation in Washington; in July,promoted to the rank of minister plenipotentiary and in January,to the rank of ambassador.

Parliament passed the Medical Care Act in but financial exigencies postponed its operation for a year.

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Lester Pearson