Advantages and disadvantages on monsoon season

Thus rain is considered good as maintaining a healthy green belt in our world.

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But the question to be asked is why are people so eager for rain in Kerala. In India, for example, the monsoon season plays a vital role in the growth of food for elephants, birds and exotic rainforest species.

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Also snakebites are also common wherever there is a water logging. For making electricity these dams require large amounts of water. This could harm the economy by interrupting production, transportation and access to medical care and education.

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Rain is considered as a gift from god. When they develop over higher terrain, flash flooding can occur in low-lying areas. Also there is a chance of diarrhea due to the lack of pure water and the abundance of impure water in our surroundings.

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What is a Monsoon? The rain cleans all the dirty things and dirty particles from our environment. In years when the monsoon rains failed to come, millions of people starved to death. This can bring about a large selling among business people. Malaria,cholera,dengue are some other severe disease during monsoon seasons. These children likes to go out into the rain and play in the rain. Thus growth of these plants is also very important. This is just because of the love to rain and monsoon for us people in Kerala. Thus when the rain comes the whole farmers would have been relived to see it. There are several dams all over Kerala. Rainy season is considered as a period of profits in market. Both the importance of the Indian monsoon and the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy are difficult to overstate. More than million people in India alone rely on agriculture, and 60 percent use no irrigation, so they must rely on rainfall to grow crops for food. Also this amount of rain will lead to good growth of crops such as rice in Kerala.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of rainy season?