Adventure stories ks2 writing an advert

They asked me if I was going to sell our camera back to ebay when we had finished with it so other children could enjoy it like in the book.

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An explorer- I made a tea-stained map of South America and added a compass, diary and some binoculars. Compare dialogue and playscripts.

adventure stories ks2 writing an advert

Other Story Genre. Imagine you are in a forest and the trees can talk. They were very excited by template I had created and lots of the children used the time scale on the advert within their writing.

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I led the first debate and picked equally matched teams who I knew would be strong at speaking to begin with to help model to the less confident children. Traditional poems Read a selection of traditional poems by Charles Causley and Eleanor Farjeon with children. Adventure Writing Prompts for Kids Imagine that you could fly? What would you do? Do the erasers, chalk, desks, and chairs come to life? Day One I began by just showing the front cover of the book to the children and getting them to think about what the word flotsam meant. It inspired me to think how I could adapt it somehow to use in my lessons and my Flotsam trays were born. I have used lots of ideas from other mats and put them together - so thanks to all posters who have put stuff on here. A wealthy lady- lots of fancy, vintage looking jewellery. A small child- I put in a small plastic jelly shoe, some small sunglasses, a toy and a few sweets. I have really enjoyed using this book and hope some of these ideas may be useful for anyone else unsure how to tackle a wordless picture book in their lessons, especially with upper KS2 children. The activity for this session involved choosing a child from one of the photos and generating a back story as to who they were and why they were on the beach.

Write about their adventures. Traditional poems Read a selection of traditional poems by Charles Causley and Eleanor Farjeon with children.

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It was a productive and enjoyable exercise. They were mesmerised by the images and I took a long time asking open-ended questions and allowing child-led discussion and questioning.

With something like this, it is very important you model expectation to the children. Ask your parents what kinds of things they did growing up.

Their imaginations ran wild and every child created their own unique tale from an evacuee in World War Two to a little girl running away from boarding school in to have fun on the beach! I decided I wanted to focus on the devastating problem of plastic waste and micro plastics on our ocean ecosystems and animals.

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Adventure Stories Ks2 Writing An Advert