An analysis of blanche dubois in a streetcar named desire by tennessee williams

Click the character infographic to download. At the same time she turns to alcohol to avoid the brutality of death. And retreating is her coping mechanism.

She is delicate, refined, and sensitive.

a streetcar named desire analysis

One of the most tragic aspects of this story is that we have a hard time imagining an alternative ending. Even when Stella refers to Blanche as delicate, Stanley cries out in disbelief: "Some delicate piece she is.

From their first meeting when he realized she lied to him about drinking his liquor, he despised her.

A streetcar named desire summary

Are people basically good, or basically evil? The heavy-duty sexual tension between these two is clear from the start, though whether Blanche is a conscious participant is up for debate. They went that night to a dance where a polka was playing. In bed with your—Polack! In the Kowalski household, Blanche pretends to be a woman who has never known indignity. I would like to discuss many themes related to this character, such as loss, desire and longing for happiness, beauty and youth, pretension, lies and imagination, dependence on men and alcoholism. The artistic intensions of the film were clearly stated in the beginning when the credits appeared on the screen along with the recognition that this film received Thus she forces Mitch to leave. Notice that Stella is out of the picture in the bathroom washing her face the first time Blanche encounters Stanley. Since Blanche is a woman who relates to men only on sexual levels, and Stanley is a man who relates to women only in a sexual manner, how can this play end happily? When troubled, the dance tune that was playing when Allan committed suicide haunts her until she drinks enough so as to hear the shot which then signals the end of the music. Gradually her reputation as a whore built up and everyone in her home town knew about her. She still plays the role of the ideal type of person she would like to be. Not exactly.

But people like you abused her, and forced her to change. Stanley also believes that Blanche has conned him and his wife out of the family mansion.

Blanche dubois appearance

Blanche always felt she could give herself to strangers, and so she did try to flirt with Stanley at first. One of its most important themes deals with the contrast between reality and illusion. Strangers… strangers… have we heard this word before? Unfortunately for her he was a homosexual. At the same time she turns to alcohol to avoid the brutality of death. Williams began to turn his short stories into plays and later on into films. Thus she forces Mitch to leave. EAGLETON It is very debatable nowadays how much psychology can influence an author or how much the author's psychological features can influence his work.

But being brutally raped by him in the end destroyed her because he was not a starnger, he knew her, he made her face reality, and in a way he exposed her to the bright luminous light she could not stand all her life.

The woman must create an illusion. Gender, and what it means to human beings, is a subject that is as difficult to precisely define as death, race, and the concept of existence. She has no choice but to come and live with her sister; Blanche is homeless, out of money, and cannot get a job due to her reputation in Laurel.

The deaths were ugly, slow, and tortuous. She travels from the railroad in New Orleans to a street formally known as Elysian Fields, where she meets her pregnant sister Stella and her husband Stanly Kowalski.

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