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Religion is an interesting topic in any book, especially so in this one, as our character has spread the seeds for her own religion to take root, Earthseed. Her stepmother reminisces about the time when the city lights would drown out the stars. She instead journeys to the north for freedom despite the fact that she is aware of the danger of thejourneyand she does not clearly know her endpoint. According to this religion which was founded by Laurent, it is imprudent for people to foolishly wait upon God to come and help them —they have to toil so as to bring food onto their table. To be honest, it did not take long for me to begin skipping these. She is living in a virtual hell, and has had to come up with some way to make her own truth. Sims before raping her. In the world of the novel, something has happened to reduce the city lights; from this, the reader can infer that there has been some disastrous change to society. No one was injured in the fire, but Lauren wonders what will happen to little Amy Dunn. Chapter 2 Though the God of Lauren's father - who is a Baptist minister - is no longer her God, she still consents to be baptized. When Lauren wakes, she believes that this dream is a reminder that it's all a lie. People are so much more likely to believe in and idealize something that comforts them, rather than something that tells them they need to change. The truth she chooses to believe rather than a truth that is told to her.

Even when she decides to take little Amy Dunn under her wing, she irritably notes that "I've been taking care of little kids since I was one, and I'm tired of it. Community is overrated; there are plenty of other good ways to survive on your own.

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As she receives the baptism, Lauren thinks about God. Lauren notes that her favorite book of the Bible is the Book of Job, a book about a man whom God causes to suffer horribly in order to test his faith.

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Dark dark. Something simple but surprisingly hard, especially these days, to come by. For example, Alice Walker declares, in a much-quoted passage from her essay "The Black Writer and the Southern Experience," that "what the black Southern writer inherits as a natural right is a sense of community.

They live under endless siege resulting from drug addicts and thieves who aimlessly wander the streets outside.

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