An analysis of the importance of the period between 1860 and 1877 in the development of united state

The nation's first institution of art - the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - was founded in Philadelphia inalthough by then such painters as Gilbert Stuart, Benjamin West, and the Peale family had already made Philadelphia famous.


Indispensable to this growth and development were an unprecedented surge in immigration and urbanization after the Civil War. The railroads powered the industrial economy.

An analysis of the importance of the period between 1860 and 1877 in the development of united state

Meanwhile, inthe U. The last major acquisition to the state and the only one not foreshadowed by William Penn's Charter of was the Erie Triangle.

The rise of industrial america 1865-1900

Also during that year, her essays influenced the state legislature to grant married women the right to own property. He tried various trade restrictions to try to force Britain and France to respect freedom of the seas, but they were unsuccessful. In addition to the growth of religious worship, religious attitudes led to the enlargement of the educational system. Main article: Trail of Tears In , Congress passed the Indian Removal Act , which authorized the President to negotiate treaties that exchanged Indian tribal lands in the eastern states for lands west of the Mississippi River. Perry's fleet was built at Erie by Daniel Dobbins, a native Pennsylvanian. Fogel and Stanley L. For those who lived through it, the Civil War would always remain the defining experience of their lives. Fishlow, Albert. His successor, Simon Snyder of Selinsgrove, represented the liberal wing. The African American community had 6, free people in , rising to 57, in The war, like so many things, marked the vast changes that took place in a neglected era. They advocated restrictions on voting as a way to check corruption, elevate political culture, and marginalize those—they had in mind immigrants and blacks—whom they thought incapable of meeting the obligations of republican politics.

Their most noteworthy accomplishments were the act in for the gradual abolition of slavery and an act of which took ownership of the public lands away from the Penn family but with compensation in recognition of the services of the founder.

But the Union also had a far greater task.

19th century american economy

This was repealed inalthough many of the segregated schools that had been created continued in later years.

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The Development of the Industrial United States ()