An analysis of the position of suicide

Factors contributing to the high rate of suicide in this vulnerable population include economic adversity, exclusive dependence on rainfall for agriculture, and possibly monetary compensation to the family following suicide. At the community level, the establishment of social programs such as child and family support programs and programs aimed at achieving gender and socio-economic equality maybe prove useful.

In total, 8. Socio-economic position is a complex construct which relates to the differential opportunities individuals, households and communities have to access the resources that enable good health. The nurse can have a therapeutic hearing, assessing the anguish and needs of the health service users and manage the case with referrals to other professionals, in addition to appropriate home care with the support of the Community Health Agents. The quality of media reports that appeared in a leading newspaper were assessed at 1 year, 2 years and 6 years after the workshop. Keywords: socio-economic position, suicidal ideation, disadvantage 1. Furthermore, persons with psychiatric disorders are at higher risk of suicide and are also more likely to be unemployed; this may be a double whammy. In addition, in certain situations it may be difficult for the doctor to identify whether there was intent to die, in which case the root cause is classified as undetermined. Higher scores denote greater social support [ 29 ].

NGOs can play an important role in advocacy as exemplified by the proactive stance taken by the NGO Sneha which found that the suicide rate was highest among students who had failed in one subject. However, countries at about the same latitude, such as the UK and Hungary, have substantially different rates of suicide In a more recent study of communication of suicidal intent among suicide attempters, Srivastava et al.

Examining the impact of these indicators of socio-economic position for men at the individual- and area-level, and focusing on suicidal ideation rather than suicide, could provide useful information to guide future suicide prevention activities.

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Different indicators of socio-economic position capture different components of this construct at an individual level. About two-thirds of these suicides were in 5 of the 28 states and 7 union territories: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh account for about a third of the country's population but two-thirds of farmer suicides.

A delicate balance needs to be maintained between press freedom and responsibility of the press to minimize the harm to vulnerable individuals.

An analysis of the position of suicide

They may also be less efficient in coping with stress. Rev Enf do Centro Oeste Mineiro. It is worth noting here that we deliberately chose our individual-level indicator of socio-economic position on the basis of it having a degree of consistency with our area-level indicator. Here we provide a brief overview of the sampling and recruitment strategy and the data collection process. Statistics derived from police records hence under-report suicides. Persons living alone are at particular risk. Subsequently, the government introduced a new scheme in wherein students who fail in one subject can rewrite their examination within a month and can pursue their further studies without losing an academic year. Results In order to be included in the current analysis, the men in the cohort had to have provided data that allowed us to classify them on the basis of the primary outcome suicidal ideation and the main exposure variables individual-level and area-level socio-economic position. We investigated differing patterns of association between psychiatric disorder and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts as geographical remoteness increased, hypothesising that month and lifetime rates of suicidal ideation and lifetime suicide attempts would be significantly higher in more remote residents. Results presented in this article corroborate other studies, in which the main agents of self-destruction were the pesticides and medicines.

The effect of this change on suicide rate has not been systematically studied. Those involved in farming and agriculture form the next largest group, comprising

Interface - Comunic. Geographic region was classified into major cities, inner regional and other. Health outcomes show different patterns according to the indicator of socio-economic position used. However, extensive media reporting of a few cases was blamed for the subsequent increase in popularity of these methods. The period from to witnessed changes in world politics and in reporting patterns which may have inflated the rates. The improvement of mental health promotion actions through the network of psychosocial care and basic care is important to prevent suicide attempts and deaths by suicide, the damage caused by suicidal behavior and the negative impact on the family and community. Keywords: socio-economic position, suicidal ideation, disadvantage 1. Regional characteristics that influence availability of services and lower personal optimism may also be associated with suicidal ideation in rural communities. Importantly however, the care received by the treatment-as-usual arm in this study was below desirable standards because it was limited to the acute management of the somatic sequelae of the suicide attempt and did not include psychiatric or psychological assessment or treatment. In India, during consumption of a poison Such approaches would also require a multidisciplinary team approach involving psychiatrists, general physicians, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric social workers, and non-governmental organizations NGOs. These men were asked questions that covered five broad domains physical health, mental health and wellbeing, health behaviours, social determinants of health, and health service utilisation and health knowledge. Two plausible hypotheses have been advanced, taken from the broader literature on health inequities. The nurse can have a therapeutic hearing, assessing the anguish and needs of the health service users and manage the case with referrals to other professionals, in addition to appropriate home care with the support of the Community Health Agents. Possible explanations are that persons with low intelligence are less able to compete for jobs and therefore acquire lower income and social status.
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