An argument in favor of the decision to drop atomic bomb on japanese soil

An argument in favor of the decision to drop atomic bomb on japanese soil

The Army has been pummeled in a string of defeats. This was complicated, however, because in Japan, workers homes were intermingled with factories so that it was impossible to find a target that was exclusively military.

Four of those were on the northernmost island of Hokkaido, which was difficult to bomb because of the distance from Tinian Island where American planes were based. They each took decisive steps in a short period of time.

Careful historical research has validated that view. For the other Asian states alone, the average probably ranged in the tens of thousands per month, but the actual numbers were almost certainly greater innotably due to the mass death in a famine in Vietnam.

what were the main arguments for and against dropping the atomic bomb on japan

A Normandy-type amphibious landing would have cost an estimated million casualties. They were shunned and ostracized from Japanese society. Hence, proponents of the Truman decision enjoy the status of vindication, in that nuclear arms helped to play no small part in preventing the resurrecting of world wars and therefore maintain world peace in general.

From our perspective, Hiroshima seems singular, extraordinary. Genghis Khan and his hordes could not have been more merciless.

why the atomic bomb was necessary

Meanwhile, other studies have made critical contributions about other aspects of the controversy. This was no theoretical research project. But Szilard was talking to exactly the wrong person.

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Debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki