An examination of the characters in jane eyre by charlotte bronte

She faces especial torments from Mrs. Constitutional Convention.

An examination of the characters in jane eyre by charlotte bronte

Not as beautiful as her sister, Eliza devotes herself somewhat self-righteously to the church and eventually goes to a convent in France where she becomes the Mother Superior.

The next morning, Jane leaves Moor House and goes back to Thornfield to find out what's going on with Mr.

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But her brand of Christianity is devoid of all compassion or humanity; she shows no sympathy for her dying mother and vows to break off all contact with Georgiana after their mother's death.

Along with her sister, Diana reveals the injustice of society's treatment of well-bred, intelligent women who are unmarried. She seeks work as a governess, and is employed to Thornfield Hall, to care for a solitary orphan, Adele.

Reed took Jane in when her parents died and intended to raise her with love and kindness. She warns Jane against marrying Mr.

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Reed for mistreating her when she was a child, goes back to take care of her dying aunt. Later in her life, Jane attempts reconciliation with her aunt, but the old woman continues to resent her because her husband had always loved Jane more than his own children. Rochester asks Jane to tend Richard Mason's wounds secretly while he fetches the doctor. She keenly feels the injustice of her treatment. Before Jane can discover more about the mysterious situation, she gets a message that her Aunt Reed is very sick and is asking for her. Rochester's presence throughout the book, appearing immediately before Mr. She marries the Gateshead coachman, Robert Leaven, and has three children, the youngest of which she names Jane. Jane wants to earn her keep, so St. Brocklehurst hypocritically espouses Christian morals in his evangelical sermons and then treats the students at Lowood with disrespect and cruelty. Georgiana Reed Eliza's and John's sister, Georgiana is the beauty of the family. Reunited, Jane and Rochester marry. On the day of Jane's wedding, during the church ceremony, two men show up claiming that Rochester is already married. While he was dying, he made Mrs. John's advances seems to spur her return to Rochester, her one chance for spiritual passion.

Rochester's bigamous plan to marry Jane, Richard arrives back in England with the solicitor, Mr. John River's marriage proposal.

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After Jane's departure from Thornfield, Mrs. Now Rochester has lost an eye and a hand and is blind in the remaining eye.

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Although she meets with a series of individuals who threaten her autonomy, Jane repeatedly succeeds at asserting herself and maintains her principles of justice, human dignity, and morality. He pleads with her to join him in France, where they can live as husband and wife despite the legal prohibitions, but Jane refuses on principle and flees Thornfield. One of them is St. Rochester, in an attempt to save her, was blinded. John and Mary A married couple who works at Thornfield and then cares for Mr. Despite their misfortunes, Mary is kind and compassionate, particularly when Jane begins to live with them at Moor House. Jane goes to Mr. Miss Scatcherd The history and grammar teacher at Lowood. Rochester is also particularly important to Jane because he provides her with the unconditional love and sense of family that she has never experienced before. Reed Jane's other uncle.
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Essay on Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre