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This third person view is broken however in the interviews and asides that the characters have. The music in Pawn Stars also takes a huge role in setting the mood. Brutal Honesty : Rick and the Old Man are almost unfailingly polite in their business dealings, but they're also very blunt and won't hesitate to tell customers when they don't want the items that are being offered, or when the items are worthless.

And not all items are brought into the store itself, as they are often asked to look over exceptionally large items or collections.

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Sometimes averted completely by customers whose asking prices are very reasonable and accepted by the Harrisons without even needing to haggle. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The original audience for the show was the typical History Channel audience, male viewers.

Grant used to write his memoirs. He apparently flushes easily because his entire head will turn red.

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