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Trachtenberg, M. Kiruthiga K. September Noor Cholis Idham Joglo and Limasan are traditional Javanese architecture structures and the most preferred vernacular dwellings in Java.

March Young-Seo Park Sungil Ham This study identifies the spatial characteristics and relationships of each used space according to the multiplex type.

Many details such as type of writing, pen thickness, text length, size of inscription and color were relatively aligned with the architecture. Modernism Seeking to express contemporary life and technology, modern architects increasingly relied on modern materials, exposed structure, and undecorated compositions that were open and asymmetrical.

research paper on contemporary architecture

Ancient architecture: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Crete, Greece. Refine your question.

list of research topics in architecture

Each topic is equally worthy of being studied, so go with the one that you find interesting. Refine your questions and theses as you proceed. A clever ventilation system supplies fresh air, which is heated to the desired temperature using the heat, or the coolness of the exhaust air.

How to redesign highways for best urban mobility? Harmondsworth, U. While growth and expansion are beneficial for many people and businesses, there is a potential for loss of historical areas that are the At this point you may want to focus some more.

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