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She is also a staff developer in schools in New York City and worldwide. She holds two Masters degrees from Fordham University: the first in Curriculum and Instruction and the second in Administration and Supervision. The wide variety of work that the students produce throughout an author study is multifaceted.

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She leads advanced sections at the TCRWP's renowned summer institutes, and courses for literacy coaches. Valerie works with teachers in New York City and around the country, promoting a growth mindset in students and play as a teaching tool.

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Comparing the published studies with the replies received Fig. Well overteachers have attended their week-long institutes. In their role, they may work across genres, from nonfiction to poetry, fiction to satire.

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One month allowed for any variation in response rates for our work. Writing professionals are broadly employed in different industries, ranging from academia to business, journalism to entertainment. One of the appeals of an author study is that it can be tailored to meet students' needs and become as extensive as the teacher chooses. If an author had more than one included study within the systematic review, they were only contacted once, about all their studies. If we identified data not reported in the study, and that would provide unique information which informed the development of the thematic analysis linked to this wider study, we determined this as valuable, since it was data which informed the synthesis but that we would not have identified from the original study in question. In this role, he has supported teacher teams and administrators in New York City and beyond to build stronger pedagogy around reading and writing workshop and balanced literacy practices. In addition to her work in classrooms alongside kids and their teachers, Lisa teaches institutes and specialty courses at TCRWP. Efficiency The efficiency of contacting authors was assessed by recording the time taken to contact study authors e. Lindsay began her career in education at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child and Human Studies at Tufts University, where she taught young children at the department lab school for several years. Katie has been an adjunct instructor at Teachers College, teaching graduate courses in literacy education. Allyse began her career in early childhood education as a first grade teacher in the South Bronx while attending and later graduating from the Literacy Specialist Program at Teachers College. Out of Print, a documentary featuring Cornelius made its way around the film festival circuit, and he has been a featured speaker at conferences all over the world.

She works to help teachers and students learn to find the joy of literacy, and believes literacy is a right, not a privilege, and a tool that empowers, engages, and fights injustice.

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