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From April a special Children's Newsreel edition would be shown on Saturday afternoons, for the benefit of the younger audience.

Use the online Sound and Moving Image Catalogue to search for onsite recordings.

bbc india business report archive

Froma weekly Newsreel Review of the Week was produced to open programming on Sunday evenings, compiling highlights from the previous week's newsreel features. Complete editions with the original linking narration are rare, however, as the individual reports were designed to be re-used in shows such as Newsreel Review of the Week and the end-of-year review Scrapbook, so reports were archived separately rather than as complete editions of the programme.

These sound collections are complemented and contextualised by a broad range of published literature, catalogues and electronic resources. Key monographs, journals and listings magazines such as Radio Times are on Open Access or can be requested via Explore the British Library.

Many of the reports survive due to the negatives having been donated to the National Film Archive at the British Film Institute in the early s — the first ever television material to be acquired by the archive, which now has an extensive collection of broadcast programmes.

Byer was head of sound recordists. What is available online? What is available in our Reading Rooms? Following the resumption of the television service inafter its World War II hiatus, a BBC Film Unit was set up to produce items on filmas opposed to the vast majority of the BBC's output of the time which was transmitted live via the electronic cameras of the Alexandra Palace studios.

The first Television Newsreel was shown on Monday 5 January Children's Newsreel, which unlike the later Newsround made no pretence at being a serious news report, had begun in April and would continue until Septemberoutliving its adult parent by seven years.

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Within this many of the programmes can be streamed instantly, while older recordings are accessible on request by appointment with the Listening and Viewing Service.

A range of electronic resources include The Listener Historical Archivewhile a near-comprehensive collection of BBC Radio and Television News Scripts is available on microfilm within the Newsroom on the 1st Floor.

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