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This approach, while it may sound spiritual, is impractical in addressing the issue of poverty. For example, a young woman whom I go to know through my best friend had just joined my previous church.

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One is the covenant established with God through sacrificial giving Oyedepo Research Methodology A plethora of books, articles, journals and websites are available today either supporting or opposing PT. Oyedepo takes the claim of Hammond further, basing his argument on II Corinthians Thus, it also draws non-Christians who believe that they stand a sure chance of becoming successful in life if they were first to take the step of believing in Jesus Christ Piper God…design[ed] the gospel…to teach [poor] people that He desires for them to prosper…the gospel is a prosperity building message It is not just doing of theology for its own sake but in order to remain faithful to the revelation of God in Scripture. It endeavours to be relevant to the contemporary issue of poverty but this attempt to address poverty can be said to be moving into hyper-capitalism, transnational-capitalism, materialism, abuse of Scripture and exploitation of people Maxwell ; Meyer ; Piper Every paper you write should have a main point, a main idea, or central message. If the existence of PT poses a great danger to the evangelical community in Namibia, how can this be countered without appearing as if opposing PT is to propagate a theology of poverty?

State your thesis in a clear and concise manner. However, those who have God as their covenant partner will be spared. Rather than embarking upon a militant approach, we will take the route of inquiry so we may correctly determine if PT: - Is a theology based on erroneous biblical interpretation and hardly reflects true biblical values.

Biblical thesis

This is fifteen verses, which is about the most you should consider doing for a typical exegesis paper. The importance of Scripture As we consider the issue of PT in this research, in order for it to be a truly evangelical paper, Scripture needs to be emphasised and given its proper place in the way we have our theological discussions. Thus, God blesses those who are faithful with prosperous living Price These similar views are promoted in publications of those who promote PT in Namibia as will be seen in the course of the thesis. Akoko ; Chacko it is also expressed amongst other Christian denominations. However, this notion of the covenant is called the Abrahamic Covenant AC. You will lose credibility as a writer if you become only a mouthpiece or a copyist; you will gain credibility by grabbing the reader with your own ideas and words. This chapter will therefore examine PT within its larger historical context and its local context in Namibia. Never assume that the meaning of a sentence is obvious. Please contact tbclibrary trinitybiblecollege. This is the radical form of PT and is very easy to identify.

Start with a tentative thesis and revise as your paper develops. With these seemingly positive intentions and the movement gaining considerable numbers of adherents worldwide: how could this be a theology that departs from the gospel of Jesus Christ?

God does not want us to pay for others to minister as a substitute for our own personal service!

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Search institutional repositories from around the world for free, full-text resources. However, a great number of people whom I know and their families continue to follow this deception. These proponents stretch their argument further, that the said prosperity can only be realised on the condition that people believe in Jesus Christ. This is fifteen verses, which is about the most you should consider doing for a typical exegesis paper. Avoid merely reporting a fact. The principle of general reciprocity took centre stage. The researcher has had the privilege of reading many of these books, especially those written in favour of PT and has been part of those who previously endorsed PT; he, therefore, feels that he has attained a fair amount of understanding on the subject. Before long, that glow in your spirit will begin to show up outwardly and others will recognize the hand of God upon you, and necessarily do you good. This tells us that basing our arguments upon Scripture is essential. The three variants in Matthew, Luke, and the Didache, are internal and external evidence Billy Lubansa a friend of Goroh and a prominent proponent of PT writes along similar lines, I…believe that the type of prosperity that Job enjoyed is what God designed for every believer to experience Basically the path to successful living is to ignore all external symptoms of sickness, problems, bankruptcy, pain etc. Three main views concerning PT The subject of PT has mainly produced three kinds of groups: 1 Fierce proponents of PT This group believes that the will of God for all Christians is to flourish in all areas of life. Numbers of Reformed and Evangelical and older Pentecostal churches do take a strong opposition to the prosperity gospel.

Goroh writes, I speak to that broken relationship to be restored. All of these extremes sentimentalises the biblical message Kigame The seed of the righteous are not meant to beg bread but to enjoy plenty…You are supposed to enjoy the best.

Moreover, those who oppose this theology are believed to be opposing the move of the Holy Spirit, just like the first century Pharisees did.

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People have sacrificed their salaries, emptied their saving at the expense of their families, and neglected other duties for the benefit of the church. While PT may have some commendable aspects, it is generally constructed upon a defective theology.

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