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I've done my best by furnishing you with templates, forms, sample proposals, articles, books and papers to help you with filling in the necessary information so you could write your proposal.

Another possibility is this even simpler book from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Education startup business plan

As for the detailed cost analysis for starting an online educational services provider — company; it might differ in other countries due to the value of their money. I am travelling on work and have poor internet connectivity and hence it is difficult for me to go through the links you have sent Clarification of Answer by czh-ga on 22 Oct PDT Dear aarogya-ga, I'm sorry but I don't have the necessary information to do any more work on your proposal. But based on the approx costing in the cost of instruction design courses, hardware and software I could arrive at a figure. Possible return on investment and break even time Should give a clear road map to a non computer investor. The first step is to contact us via the online contact form to connect with an experienced OGS Capital consultant. Should one purchase a ready made LMS. Hope this clarifies things. Will you want to buy your own equipment or use an ASP model. If you don? So step right up folks, and join the joyride! Use the model paragraph and substitute your own goals for whatever curriculum or training you plan to deliver through e-learning.

WHAT infrastructure do you have in place? Here I O. This will tell you what it?

e-learning proposal pdf

Profitability can often be achieved fairly quickly with effective marketing. This will enable us to: Use the template and choose the reasons that fit and also add your own.

My question clearly stated what I wanted. An e-learning company offering business training seminars may decide to direct sell to corporate executives or managers. If any ready made Learning Management System is suggested With approximate costs. The e-learning business plan will need to describe the business model in terms of the: E-learning materials and activities offered, and how they are differentiated in from competitive products Instructors and their qualifications Course, workshop or seminar content; interactive features; and how products will be maintained Targeted audience, i.

E-learning 2.

E-learning business plan pdf

Profitability can often be achieved fairly quickly with effective marketing. Human resources required What kind of instructional design courses would be recommended. The range of possibilies is wide and how much your e-learning implementation will cost depends entirely on what you've decided to do. You have to make some basic decisions to be able to get to these subsidiary decisions. I outlined the information that you will have to furnish. Here's how you can get in on the action. The marketing strategies employed will naturally incorporate online activities since e-learning is internet based, but they can also include direct marketing. We see an opportunity to improve our delivery of enumerate the services you will offer. Providing educational guidance counseling services Providing educational support services Providing educational testing services Sales Forecast One thing is certain, there would always be local students, international students, individuals et al who would need the services of online educational services providers. Please read all the information I? For me to appear informed in my proposal I need to outline what I propose to do for training selected staff in instructional design. It also gives you the outline for collecting and organizing your information and writing your proposal. Example Business Case" I referred to in my earlier clarification. Market demand for the product, supported by industry and market research and analysis Management expertise in field of e-learning, required staff, and methods for staff training Financial statements projecting revenues, expenses, cash flow, etc. I do not see why I need to purchase additional books or go through links for the informationI had asked in my question.

Please read my answer and I think you will see that the process is fairly straightforward. I have provided you with several tools to help you do this.

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The section of ROI will be of particular interest to you. The "Appendix: Example Business Case" gives you a sample of what an e-learning proposal should look like and the white paper gives you the explanation on how to develop the information to put in it. It is not fair to hold me responsible for the number of hours you have spent on searching for pages which though useful, are not giving me what I need. Describe what equipment and software they already have and what will have to be purchased. This will enable us to: Use the template and choose the reasons that fit and also add your own. E-learning is a huge topic and there are a great variety of e-learning enterprises. Thank you once again. Will you want to buy your own equipment or use an ASP model. No doubt raising start — up capital for a business might not come cheap, but it is a task that an entrepreneur must go through.
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