Canada during the great depression essay

Though he gave the impression of sympathy with progressive and liberal causes, he had no enthusiasm for the New Deal of American President Franklin D.

consequences of the great depression in canada

Increase in tariffs on trade: Canada primarily trades fish, food, minerals and wood with other countries. Given the close economic links between the two countries, the collapse quickly affected Canada.

With the worst of the Depression over, the government implemented some relief programs such as the National Housing Act and National Employment Commissionand it established Trans-Canada Airlinesthe predecessor to Air Canada.

how did the great depression affect canada politically

The birth rate in Canada dropped to 9. Families were left homeless. Romer, Christina. Some of the industries closed while other lay off thousands of workers.

the great depression in canada thesis

The region fully recovered after On the political scene, the economic slump saw the alteration of the modernization party steered by Stevens and the advent of Herridge New Democratic drive party. In some areas, the decline was far worse.

The onset of the depression created critical balance of payment deficits, and it was largely the extension of imperial protection by Britain that gave Canada the opportunity to increase their exports to the British market.

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The Great Depression in Canada Essay