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The characters struggle with death and injustice and poverty. Some students rehash their activities and achievements without adding the personal flavor, perspective and substance that admissions officers look for. The drive to conform to a standard so as to avoid standing out has become more and more apparent. Omne trium perfectum? Seriously, how cool is the mantis shrimp: mantisshrimp. It was late December and the snow was gently falling outside. We, however, are interested in how language sets people apart.

Mash up a historical figure with a new time period, environment, location, or occupation, and tell us their story. Is there any meaning to one without the other?

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They are interested in your personal qualities such as leadership, confidence, ability to work in a team, strength of character, resilience, sense of humor, ability to get along with others and what you might add to the campus community. Everyone knows there are two types of people in the world. Organization: have you grouped sentences together coherently? Maybe you are excellent at study groups or other forms of collaborative work. By the time high school rolled around, that girl was nowhere to be found. At first read, I was enamoured with Mr. It was all bent and worn and it looked longingly at me as if it had been waiting for me. I did not stop at The Raven. Make sure you schedule sufficient time for a thorough review. You risk using language improperly and may appear insecure or overly eager to impress. John is about to die, Mr.

You should also remove any slang or casual diction; the university is not interested in casual language in their admissions essays. Colleges are looking for a sense of maturity and introspection—pinpoint the transformation and demonstrate your personal growth.

What are they? Describe the event or accomplishment that shaped you but take care to also show what you learned or how you changed.

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They saw a story about a cockroach. For me, the book lead to another profound realization: if I was inseparable from my surroundings, it followed that I had an impact on my environment.

Check Your Ego at the Door. Avoid the urge to pen an ode to a beloved figure like Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln.

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Prompt 7: Topic of your choice.

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