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The plagues are, in the order Motolinia presents them: 1 the smallpox epidemic preceding the conquest, and all that it caused further deaths from hunger since no one could really work ; 2 the wars of conquest; 3 the hunger that ensued in the wake of war; 4 the abuses of the people overseeing the repartimiento; 5 tribute and other services; 6 mines; 7 the reconstruction of Mexico City; 8 slavery in the mines; 9 labor demanded in the mines; and 10 divisions among different Spanish factions Popular dishes vary by region and individual circumstances, but some of the more widely enjoyed foods are tortillas flat bread wraps made from wheat or maize flourenchiladas, cornmeal tamales cooked within corn husks or banana leavesburritos, soft—shell tacos, tortas sandwiches of chicken, pork or cheese and vegetables enclosed in a hard rollstuffed chili peppers and quesadillas tortillas filled with soft cheese and meat.

For the case of Gordillo, see the multiple articles published in Proceso in March That is, every person sacrificed was taken out of the world of mundane profit which contaminated what he or she really was: someone partaking of a sacred world beyond mundane pursuits.

These civilizations arose in a region with no major navigable rivers, no beasts of burden, and difficult terrain that impeded the movement of people and goods.

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In the realm of economics, we noticed what may be a resurgence of interest, but scholars are using new approaches, documents, and interpretations to revise traditional economic history. In fact, when Cortes arrived in Potonchan, the indigenous people initially met him with violent resistance, but capitulated to him when they realized that he had superior weaponry.

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