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Don't talk about family, marital status, etc.

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I will revise my "never working" cover letter and hopefully you guys can take a look for me a bit later. Documents should be submitted in support of statements given in the invitation letter.

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If not, are you going to get that stuff sorted out on your own, or do you need an employer to help you do so? If you have the legal right to work in Canada, definitely say that. Make sure to start your letter by giving a brief account of yourself.

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However, I think your location and work eligibility are more important than your nationality. This can be a person who lives in i.

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Do not make it too personal — it is one thing to explain in the letter your relationship with the applicant, and another to tell throughout the whole letter how much you have missed them, love them, and want to see them. The parties can use the letter as proof in case of a dispute on a later date. Do not give unnecessary details — above we advised you to explain why you are sponsoring the applicant, as well as to give details on the expenses you have to cover. Unfortunately, I don't have working permit in Canada. I think the phrase he used was "comparative North American business environment and culture" or something. Despite of the guideline given above, you need to take into account some small advices when writing the letter. Instead, just show the available amount of money that you are sponsoring the applicant with, and explain the expenses he or she will be able to cover with that money, i. It will be obvious from your history that you're not Canadian and they'll cover it in the interview if they care. That is, do you currently live in Canada and are you currently eligible to work there? However, many make small mistakes while writing a Schengen sponsor letter, which later cost them with the visa. When it comes to asking for a scholarship, it would be a good idea to be a bit more creative when making the request. Also, we are not Americans originally and my husband has a very "foreign sounding" name so was very emphatic in his cover emails that he had worked in the States Make sure to start your letter by giving a brief account of yourself.
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Visa Application Cover Letter