Darius iii analysis of battles

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In this quarter indeed the Persians took to speedy flight; and the Macedonians followed up the fugitives and slaughtered them. But the intention of their attack was to entice, and therefore irretrievably commit the Persian left wing. It had taken Darius two years to raise another army capable of challenging Alexander after Issus. Plutarch wrote: … Alexander let them know Darius was not dead, and that they need not fear any harm from Alexander, who made war upon him only for dominion; they should themselves be provided with everything they had been used to receive from Darius. As told by Arrian: Then the Scythian cavalry rode along the line, and came into conflict with the front men of Alexander's array, but he nevertheless still continued to march towards the right, and almost entirely got beyond the ground which had been cleared and levelled by the Persians. As a satrap, Darius would have control of a sizable military force. His enemy held his family prisoners, and his wife died while in captivity. Through the dust rising out of the conflict, Darius watched Alexander and his dreaded cavalry emerge in nearly perfect order. At Issus, he drove Darius to retreat. The winds during the eclipse first blew from the west, then shifted to the east.

The Cappadocians and Armenians were stationed in front of the other cavalry units and led the attack. He also had 15 Indian elephants supported by Indian chariots.

Darius iii analysis of battles

To the right of the same head appears a head of a horse and beneath this are the hindquarters of another horse, neither of which is logically completed. Furthermore, it was not limited to the supreme commander, but extended to commanders of great influence among the Persian troops.

Alexander had never approached an enemy so circumspectly.

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Accessed September 28, Indeed the prophecy was true as Xerxes was able to subdue Thessaly with little effort and gained a victory at Thermopylae in August, though not without hardship.

However, unlike on the left with Bessus, the Persians soon fell into disorder as the Thessalians and other cavalry units charged forward at their fleeing enemy.

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Alexander was faced with the choice of pursuing Darius and having the chance of killing him, ending the war in one stroke but at the risk of losing his army, or going back to the left flank to aid Parmenion and preserve his forces, thus letting Darius escape to the surrounding mountains.

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Darius III: Alexander’s stooge