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But this should not blind us to the fact that the most obvious evidence of a brand's relationship with its public is normally to be found in its sales. David Aaker of the University of California, Berkley, visualises each brand name as a box in the consumers brain, in which are stored away all the bits of information and associations to do with that brand.

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Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word strength. Repeated loading often initiates brittle cracks, which grow until failure occurs. Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. In one sense it is always true to say that a big, successful brand is a strong brand. This is underlined by the fact that most forms of financial brand valuation, whether for sales or balance sheet purposes, start by looking at the brand's current sales and profit. This theory postulates that failure will occur when the distortion energy per unit volume due to the applied stresses in a part equals the distortion energy per unit volume at the yield point in uniaxial testing. Operative effectiveness or potency: the strength of the drug. The Chilean team was below strength for the final. A material's strength is dependent on its microstructure.

Princeton's WordNet 3. Generally, higher the range stress, the fewer the number of reversals needed for failure.

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Word Familystrong adjectivestrongly adverbstrength nounstrengthen verbExtra examples He got the door open with brute strength. Effective or binding force; efficacy: the strength of an argument. We want to learn more about the relative strengths of our students. She has a remarkable inner strength. The metal reinforcement gives it the strength to resist the high winds. Intensity, as of sound or light: the strength of the wind. The maximum tensile stress should be less than or equal to ultimate tensile stress divided by factor of safety. The opinion that the president should stand down has gained considerable strength.

Such failures are called fatigue failure. In regimental affairs it implies merely the number of men actually serving. Distortion energy is the amount of energy that is needed to change the shape.

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Of the latter three, the distortion energy theory provides most accurate results in majority of the stress conditions. It is possible to observe the results of this behaviour directly in the form of sales, but this alone still begs a question highly relevant to the original issue of brand strength; they may be buying our brand today, but how likely are they to go on buying it tomorrow?

She summoned up every ounce of strength she possessed. Each of these areas can be interpreted to tell us more about an aspect of a brands strength.

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You have shown great strength of character.

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