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The reason behind is that streets are usually the center of trade for most of the owners of an enterprise or institution. I'd only ever want to be a star in a brilliant night sky, surrounded by stars equally as bright. Give me the shadows and a thousand faces that look just like mine. This speaks of the unified and secular spirit of Chandni Chowk in Delhi. But underneath that is free will, the ability to truly choose their own path. My favorite composer, George Gershwin, achieved a similar feeling with an added texture of vivaciousness through his passionate, jazzy composition, Rhapsody in Blue, which happens to purposefully describe an energetic, animated city through music. If my desires were socially acceptable, I would dance down a busy street and swing around a lamppost, or belt out tunes from a Broadway musical. In their frustration and fear people were stripped of all social conditioning, it was each person for themselves. Combustion from cars further impacts the quality of air in a busy street because as the car move, they release heavy amounts of fumes containing toxic chemicals that are harmful to health. Busy streets never vacate any passing individuals or groups because this is the main passageway to accomplish tasks on the day. It is famous for its places of worship, market, and several eating joints. How do you write college essays and make them really strong and unique? I always wonder how the people working inside the shops can stand the smell.

General The media conditions us to crave the spotlight, but we are happiest when part of a crowd. However, there are undesirable issues that are observed along the streets.

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Background by. I could close my eyes and twirl around for eternity if it meant preserving this sensation of peace and serenity. My father knew his way around. These bylanes are full of shops and stores that sell clothes, books, jewelry, leather goods,spices, consumer goods, electronics, authentic Indian food, etc. The empty blue gives me the strength just to walk at the pace of the crowd and bottle my claustrophobia inside my chest. Fruits, cakes, delicacies, bangles and several other things are displayed for people to come and buy. Emphasize the fact that it's not necessarily the city life that comforts you, but an "active, dynamic environment" that makes you feel at home. Get help with your writing. I stand under the sun. In fact, Fitzgerald's poignant descriptions of New York City captivated me to the point where I not only fell in love with The Great Gatsby, but also with the aspects of allurement and adventure that embrace large cities. They were mainly shops selling clothes, shoes and watches. There's no specific need for towering skyscrapers or flashy billboards, only streets abounding with people and the sounds of an active, dynamic environment performing their symphony to me.

I feel the energy, I love the vibe, and then I want to find a quite tree in a quite spot to feel serenity once more.

On those wide avenues with wilted trees, their leaves curled and blackened in in the August heat, the buildings towered on each side.

Some pedestrians shake their fists, but no one is hit. Crowds of pedestrians, shoppers and others can be seen walking along the pavements outside the shops or trying to cross the road. Since then, it has become a significant place. It is indeed the liveliest street, busy all day long and into the night, in. Crossing a Busy Street ecology research paper format Open eyes and an alert mind is required to cross a busy street. It is our basic human programming to be good, kind and loving, hardcoded into our DNA. The empty blue gives me the strength just to walk at the pace of the crowd and bottle my claustrophobia inside my chest. A lot of tourists visit Chandni Chowk all year through. Cars speed by sending their obnoxious fumes into the waiting people. One of my secret enjoyments in life is sitting in a car on the highway driving around downtown Houston at night in complete and utter silence, and all that is visible are the bright lights from the skyscrapers and neighboring cars. This means that the community has an active business structure and public services to the local residents and visitors in the area.

Crowds swarm around for night snacks at the various food stalls and restaurants near the theatre or to pick up some good bargains. Violent protesting is another undesirable issue that impacts the integrity of the streets.

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The people, mainly lady shoppers with children, line the street as they await an opportunity to cross the road. Busy Street It is surrounded by monuments and historical places which makes it a great tourist spot.

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San the essays of emerson Francisco is my first in a series descriptive essay on a busy street of themes on place Crossing a Busy Street Open eyes and an alert mind is required to cross a busy street.

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describe a busy city street essay help
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Describe a busy city street essay