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Students taking the degree in Maastricht receive twelve of their required sixty credits for their theses. The opportunity to carry out an internship in one of these key-players might be the first step for students to become part of those world-leading companies.

No, they end up all over the place. Many students are not required to give an oral presentation on their thesis or defend it. Many departments have a list of criteria they use to assess theses.

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The presentation of proper arguments is mentioned ten times. For this reason, we must ensure that students master this level of independence, and we feel that the thesis is a good way to do so.

More information Moritz Hentschel Facilitating the deployment of solar energy at the Port of Rotterdam through an energy cooperative.

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Brent Bodenhorst Meyer : Motivating flexible charging behavior of electric vehicles at office car parks. I was able to grow both professionally and personally, acquiring skills for my future career while visiting new countries and making lifelong bonds with my multicultural classmates.

This program is designed with specialized courses in the domain of medical imaging having intense projects and lab works centered around the idea of learning how to replicate and develop state of the art techniques.

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Jan. : Master thesis projects in LuleƄ