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My mother is a lecturer. All of the teachers of my school are very kind and cooperative.

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Who actually wants to raise their children here? I am 10 years old boy.

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I love to play with my toys. Similarly, a child has to be pruned of its baser instincts and trained in a proper manner in order to beneficial to society. The Children of today will be adults of tomorrow. I have 2 brothers and one sister. He is very hardworking and honest man. We are a happy family. We enjoyed a lot. Originally the term "Third World" meant all those not supporting communism and the Western countries. Our school has a very large playground where we play sports. The youth of a nation is its power-house. I love to listen music and watching cartoon.

I live in Delhi. Allegories have on mission to accomplish, which is to convey a certain message. I study in class one. We play and enjoy a lot. It, therefore, become mandatory for every nation and every society to nurture a strong, healthy and intellectual youth.

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We all enjoy. I play with dolls and other toys at my home.

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We play and enjoy a lot. I love my family. For this, society should provide its youth with the right kind of education. Resultantly, crime rate increases which is an alarming situation for any society. My brother Rahul is interested in Math and science. On every Weekend, my father takes us to visit the city. Proper facilities and a conducive environment should be taken care along with the adequate and enhancement of creativity. Given this, the posterity is sure to lead the nation to greater heights and newer worlds.
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Essay on Children