Essay on fair elections in india

Essay on free and fair elections in india

Related Articles:. Generally the candidates are given tickets by the political parties on the consideration whether the candidate can muster the support of numerically larger castes and communities and possesses enough resources. The short campaign period limits out the other parties to reach out to the electorate. Also, do they feel the endurance of such tests meant for scrutinizing their background? Discuss this statement in relation to elections recently held in African countries you are familiar with. Related posts:. Whether it is money or criminals, both are competitive. There is no perfection in everything, so does the political electoral system. Instances of politicians paying for news coverage and bribing voters were widespread in elections and even vote for note scam is one of the biggest examples of money power. Keeps a Check on Government Elections also keep a check on the government as it gets conducted at a definite interval and the incumbent government could be uprooted and replaced if their policies go against the welfare of the public. However after the independence it became a democratic republic country with a government which is chosen through the hands of its citizen. Our democratic setup bestows on us the right to elect the representatives of the state. Besides, the essay entails the electoral reforms in India.

Alison Ayers argues that democracy comprises of a periodic election of political representatives, through multi party elections, rule of law, constitutionalism, good governance, and the promotion of human rights. The MP who won the election does not usually equal to the majority of votes.

Election campaign could be conducted through media and spreading their propaganda. It entails the failure of our political structure together with a suggestive approach and the need for bringing more electoral reforms in the present system.

Sincefree and fair elections are held at regular intervals as per the guidelines of the Constitution and the Election Commission. Election Campaign in India Political parties in India gear up for the election campaign just before the start of the election. The rest are left to fend on their own.

During the British rule, India was under the Constitutional Monarchy of the British Queen and did not have any self government.

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The right to speech, assembly and association are the essential pillars of a democratic set-up; to reach the goal of free and fair election. They secured ,, and votes respectively.

Essay on election in india

People can ask their queries and get the resolution on the spot by the VAF volunteers. Elections are conducted as per the constitutional provisions and the laws made by Parliament. Elections are also a platform on which a voter sees a new light of hope to strengthen the country and a ray of nation building. This is really a matter of agonizing the citizens who go and vote for them. It also helps to shape the public opinion in the favour of a particular political party or candidate. But there are its weaknesses. The reason for this provision is to enable a free and fair election, unhindered by malaise litigation. Election gives the authority in the hands of the public and provides them the freedom to elect the government of their choice which will work for their growth and development. The Election Commission must be fair.

For the purposes of this paper, we will solely refer to democracy as a state with free and fair elections, and the absence of electoral fraud or politically driven violence.

The first and the foremost task that is required to be done at this hour is the removal of three dreadful things, that is, money power, muscle power and the mafia power.

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