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It should be sent to your supervisor by the end of Week 8, Spring Term, in order to allow your supervisor sufficient time to read it and suggest improvements before you need to submit the final report. In choosing accounting project topi Do not be disheartened if this happens.

If reporting user feedback, this will be more convincing if it comes from a wider audience than just a small group of your peers for example it could be gathered online via forums etc. Projects are a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your creative abilities and independence. The accompanying criteria should along these lines be borne in the mind of the students: 1.

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Table of contents with page numbers. There are two tasks you must accomplish straightaway though not necessarily in this order : Find a Technical Supervisor Select a project topic The first of these tasks is certainly the easier of the two; more information about project supervision is provided below.

The final report should contain the following sections in the order indicated: A cover sheet. The references should be cited in the body of your report where appropriate. Follow a particular order for example. All deadline information in these instructions is for guidance only.

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