Format of report writing as per cbse guide

The students arranged the stalls there. The walls are decorated with posters and pictures. The teams were expected to present their stories one by one. Moreover, books lead us from ignorance to knowledge and superstition to enlightenment.

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By making the soil porous, use of compost also makes roots stronger and resistant to pests and decay. He found a bus on its left side.

They appreciated our concern, and care for them. In the first two days of the week-long campaign, over three hundred violations have been booked for various offences. The Chief Guest awarded prizes to winners of sports, best stalls and cultural events.

It passed Meerut around The students were then asked to compose a poem on the given topics. After the assembly, came the most interesting part.

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Then we paid our respects to the other teachers. He expressed the need for good writing ability to communicate effectively in writing.

The aim was to create awareness among the public in general and the young children in particular.

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Report Writing : Format of report writing Writing Skill