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Further, the men of study can decide best on the right lines in business and politics. However, he did not remain at the top very long.

He is the father of English Essay but totally differs the style of Montaigne who is the father of France essay. One such prominent theory is that of the "Idols of the Mind", published in Bacon's New Organon which describes four innate flaws of the mind: idols of the tribe common to all of the human racecave those which arise out of our personal experiencesmarketplace arising from "the association of man with man" or human interaction and theatre that which is an artificial version of truth, which may be called as an imitation.

Contemporary thinkers have especially critiqued his theory of induction. Bacon here draws a parallel between the physical exercise and intellectual exercise. He also recognizes his false beliefs and silly hopes.

It is because it exaggerates things and is full of fancies. He says that if the audience sees a spectacle on the stage in daylight it will look as it is.

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Bacon’s essays on revenge, envy and deformity