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Major activities involved Continue accessing it and exploiting its versatility. Being attached at COMTECH enabled me to acquire graphic design skills using photo premier, photo shop, and photo pad editor asides from perfecting my skills in camera work and editing. The department works hand-in-hand with the editorial department in executing its roles for example journalists help in writing supplementary among other interlinked roles. An Industrial Attachment is a structured, credit-bearing work experience in a professional work setting during which the student applies and acquires knowledge and skills. This project which contributed to part of the above allowed me to acquire the vast knowledge of objective journalism and mainly focusing on Peace journalism. They are videotaped for review individually with a lecturer. Mission, Vision and mandate Chapter Five: References This includes the references used by the student. I did the editing with Adobe Cs5 software.

Conclusion The Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology through the KNA provides a good background for future dissemination of information and news to the people. When I joined KNA I had the urge to be a better journalist and I immediately knew that to achieve this I had to be more adventurous, more inventive and more original.

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I also got a chance to record radio lessons while undertaking practicals and edited the audio. They help you identify stories which turn to be main stories for the day.

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Mission: To gather, process, package and disseminate news and information for national development in line with the constitution of Kenya Vision Therefore every student should practice the attachment. It summarizes the work done during this period, problems encountered and includes suggestions and recommendations on how to counter the problems.

In my station, there were only two functional desktop computers that all the interns Seven used for typing and editing purposes.

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This entailed doing much on my own without waiting for directive from my internal supervisor and getting out of the way to create contact with sources of information within Homa Bay County and South Nyanza as a whole.

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