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Ideally a range of differentiated texts and tasks will be seen across a submission for this component. Internal standardisation may involve: all teachers marking some sample pieces of work to identify differences in marking standards discussing any differences in marking at a training meeting for all teachers involved referring to reference and archive material, such as previous work or examples from our teacher standardisation.

What is clear, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives AOsis that the task must allow access to them all. You may provide guidance and support to students so that they are clear about the requirements of the task they need to undertake and the marking criteria on which the work will be judged.

You will also receive a report when the results are issued, which will give feedback on the appropriateness of the tasks set, interpretation of the marking criteria and how students performed in general.

edexcel igcse english literature past papers

Please make a note of the support the student received on the Candidate record form. How you deal with this depends on when the move takes place. School and college consortia If you are in a consortium of schools or colleges with joint teaching arrangements where students from different schools and colleges have been taught together but entered through the school or college at which they are on rollyou must let us know by: filling in the Application for Centre Consortium Arrangements for centre-assessed work, which is available from the JCQ website jcq.

AO2: Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts. Resource packages: Non-exam assessment Independent critical study: Texts across time This resource provides guidance on the NEA requirements for A-level English Literature A, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification.

This is particularly pertinent if students choose two texts from the same genre poetry, prose, drama. That said, students will choose their texts and shape their tasks with your support and you will be supported by your NEA advisor and the following offers you some guidance on how to help your students make these choices.

These approaches are equally valid and take account of the different contexts in which schools and colleges will be working.

Edexcel igcse english literature past papers 2017

Work can be annotated using either or both of the following methods: flagging evidence in the margins or in the text summative comments, referencing precise sections in the work. What is clear, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives AOs , is that the task must allow access to them all. However, you can ask questions about the way they are approaching their work and you can highlight the requirements of the marking criteria. Advice on text choice Connecting two texts on a common theme means choosing two texts which maximise opportunities for writing about both similarities and differences. Whilst the only date requirement is that one text must be written pre, the component title 'Texts across time' indicates that effective comparison and contrast occurs when the same theme is explored in two texts separated by a significant period of time; here the different contexts of production will inform the similarities and differences in approach taken by the writers to the chosen theme and students will have encountered this diachronic approach in component 1, Love through the ages. We will let you know if we need to do this. The point at which students begin their NEA preparation will depend on individual school and college decisions. Visit aqa. AO3: Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received. This is particularly pertinent if students choose two texts from the same genre poetry, prose, drama. You may organise an alternative supervised session for students who were absent at the time you originally arranged. Avoiding malpractice Please inform your students of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice.

You may also provide guidance to students on the suitability of their proposed task, particularly if it means they will not meet the requirements of the marking criteria.

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English Literature GCSE