How does media influence young girls

This messaging is superficial, heartbreaking for many, and can be deadly for those who suffer with life-threatening eating disorders.

How does media influence young girls

Josephson WL. Lovato has struggled for years with drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders.

Young girls are being exposed today more than ever to the over sexualized images of women within the media, advertisements and in pop culture. The thinness of the models that are promoted is unachievable naturally. There is some truth in what people say today.

Therefore, media influence on youth can contribute to risk-taking behaviors.

how does the media influence people?

Parents should explain why some programs are not suitable and praise children for making good and appropriate choices. Moreover, stars who speak out about coping with mental illnesses demonstrate that people with such diagnoses can be successful and happy.

As a result, with prolonged viewing, the world shown on television becomes the real world 12.

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Effects of the Media on Young Girls Essay