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No audience will be excited about a cookie-cutter presentation, and we must therefore shy away from any supporting visuals, such as the ubiquitous PowerPoint Design Template, that suggests your presentation is formulaic or prepackaged.

Professional business powerpoint templates free download

Best of all, you can use these for all kinds of presentations too — not just corporate ones! It represents the idea through the actual look of the word. First, you have to ask who the audience is. They are buying the ideas of new fitness or faster communication or prestige and early adopter status, or some blend thereof. You can also use it to simplify your complex business processes. Studies show that color usage can increase interest and improve learning comprehension and retention. Your audience expects a unique presentation with new at least to them content, otherwise why would they be attending your talk? Never simply stretch a small, low-resolution photo to make it fit your layout — doing so will degrade the resolution even further. You can create a hierarchy of information on your slide by making the most important information the focal point of your slide. That's a much stronger way to sell. More from Inc. The trend is good.

The smartly-dressed human icons that are present on every slide will add a nice corporate touch to your presentation. Before I start a presentation, I make slide No.

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Establish a visual hierarchy on your slides When you flip to a new slide, your audience will be seeing it for the first time. The right color can help persuade and motivate.

For example, here is a simple line chart showing that our sales have gone up every year.

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Presentations that are engaging both mentally and emotionally are more memorable and influential, thus more successful. The author has labeled what each slide is for. More from Inc.

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But fret no more. The trend is good. Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates You clearly need a consistent visual theme throughout your presentation, but most templates included in PowerPoint have been seen by your audience countless times and besides, the templates are not all that great to begin with. I often use images of people in my slides, as photography of people tends to help the audience connect with the slide on a more emotional level. The arrow comes in later to underscore the point: Our future looks good! Aim for something like this simple slide above. Instead, add punch with mixed media. Balance the theater and the scholar. It may have been interesting in , but today the inclusion of such clip art often undermines the professionalism of the presenter. And how do you stay on track when working with ideas? On the opposite end of that spectrum, if you lecture the entire time, your introverts will feel comfortable and your extroverts will get bored.

A presentation is no longer about closing anything but rather about germinating an idea that resonates with the audience. You can create a hierarchy of information on your slide by making the most important information the focal point of your slide.

free professional business powerpoint templates

Some animation is a good thing, but stick to the most subtle and professional similar to what you might see on the evening TV news broadcast.

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