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For a chapter, a contributor is usually asked to focus on the area of expertise. This may be a bit tricky because of how editors have timed contributions. This article first appeared on SciTech Connect — our blog for science and technology book authors, resources and news.

We decided that at this point one of us should take a back seat and allow the other to edit the chapter so that the language was consistent. Hope this post helps those of you writing a book chapter. Similarly, James Langeland, a professor of biology at Kalamazoo College, was a postdoc when the head of his laboratory asked him to help write a chapter for Embryology: Constructing the Organism S.

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When you are writing a book yourself, you have to research all kinds of things that are not in your immediate specialty. Other forays into the chapter-writing experience begin more casually, such as the "can't say no" situation. It also produces university-level textbooks that are then marketed by commercial publishers, as well as learning modules on specific topics, such as the human genome project. Perhaps the most satisfying type of chapter contribution is one that reaches beyond the scientific community. Although chapter writing allows more creative leeway than other types of scientific communication, it has problems--from delays, to uncooperative coauthors, to overambitious editors. Today the in-house staff consists of only eight scientists and six science educators, but researchers can visit for two-week sessions to help develop or write chapters. See below for links to their other blog posts. Daniel Klionsky, a professor of microbiology at the University of California at Davis, had a typical experience when contributing a chapter based on a talk for V-ATPases W. Ricklefs, eds. Conclusions, limitations and future work.

Powelson, R. It took about two months to actually grind it out.

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Writing chapters is also easier than writing entire books. However, it was also a lot of work!

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Strawn, ed. Ridsdill-Smith, eds. She prefers writing articles for The Scientist. With Untapped, Chapman and coauthors explore the question of "what is sociological about beer? Part of the process of the SfAM project was that the student generated a short report of their findings. See below for links to their other blog posts. It was nice to have the opportunity to write in a less constrained manner," he says. Scientists have a freer hand in writing chapters compared to journal articles, says Klionsky. Writing a chapter is something of a duty, but writing my own book is a pleasure," he adds.

Just as an instrument in an orchestra must blend with the whole, so must the chapters of a book. Conclusions, limitations and future work.

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Writing Book Chapters Broadens the Scientific Experience