I go back to may 1937

I'm not an intellectual, I'm not an abstract thinker. There is a melodramatic note evident in the last lines of the poem: I want to live. That's an interesting phrase, not getting in art's way.

But, the church influences more than the movement of the line; it also permeates the content of her work. The woman's face is "hungry," ready to seize upon new desires and opportunities, but the blankness of her face also suggests she is unable to comprehend the risk she is taking.

They are not only separated by gender, but by location and culture as well. Is this paring down an attempt to get back to basic things, in your life as well as your work?

For instance, in Olds's poem the speaker describes her father in language that suggests the type of person he was, painting an unflattering picture of him.

sharon olds
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I Go Back To May Poem by Sharon Olds