Indus valley writing system

Although decipherment of the Indus Script has not been possible yet, the majority of the scholars who have studied it agree on a number of points: The Indus Script was generally written from right to left.

One of these features is the appearance of retroflex consonants in Indian languages, both Indo-European and Dravidian. As numerals require symbolic representation, the first attempt at writing began with numerical forms, as was evident from the basic script forms on the Indus objects that were used as numerals in the past.

indus valley civilization religion

The two languages were contemporary to each other. Each suffix would represent one specific modification, and the entire cluster of suffixes would therefore put the word through a series of modifications.

The number of these final signs range between 1 to 3. By this measureknown as conditional entropy, Indus inscriptions appear like known writing systems, which fall between highly ordered sequences like computer code and disordered ones like DNA code.

However, it's next to impossible to write out a word with abstract meaning pictorially.

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Indus River Valley civilizations (article)