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This means that Americans are exposed to a high number of people from other nations with diverse cultures in their workplaces, schools, neighborhoods and other social places The transactional process of listening and responding to people from different cultural backgrounds can be challenging.

Thus, our own culture has a deep impact on our thoughts and behaviors.

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Computer networks facilitate the communications as well. Interpersonal discrimination is often found among kids at school or in extracurricular activities. Intercultural communication in the business context is relative because of globalization; it has made the market available to many people as well as created a climate where business executives from all over the world are meeting face-to-face to establish joint ventures and negotiate contracts.

Teachers also assume that students can comprehend the meaning of a particular story or metaphor without explaining its meaning since different cultures have various interpretation of a similar metaphor.

With these developments, teachers have been forced to find out what and how learners should learn in order to live to their full potential and fulfilling lives. The changes in environmental conditions and demographics have led to increased migrations due to conflicts, commerce or for education purposes.

These three and other races in our country have largely contributed to what we have now in Malaysia Intercultural communication is necessary to reduce cases of misunderstanding and antagonism in social interaction because people of different cultural backgrounds encode and decipher languages differently.

Conclusion There are several problems that are encountered when people of more than one culture interact in educational setting. Culture of inclusion is understood as a mode of teaching that emphasize on interaction and changing ones attitude, it encourages deeper approach to personal transformation Carroll and Ryan,p.

Additionally, new technologies enable companies to make huge video conferences, allowing non-verbal communication be possible all over the world The greater the difference in culture between two people, the greater the potential of misunderstanding and mistrust.

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