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Parle Products, however, says the action taken by the FDA is unjustified and claims that the obligation of a food inspector in terms of seizure of edible goods is possible only if they appear adulterated or misbranded.

Krackjack deserves points for having the sense to dispense with the annoying Krack and Jack and their faux Laurel and Hardy routine for its latest campaign.

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According to the union food processing ministry the production of biscuits in the organized and unorganized sectors is estimated at about 11 lakh tonnes. Parle — The world of Happiness. They could prove to be surprise future leaders.

Try crumbing these biscuits over Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream, or over custard.

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Infact, the Cheeselings brand was brought under the Monaco portfolio a couple of years ago, and its relaunch as Monaco Bites is clearly an attempt to extend the Monaco brand franchise into new, emerging snacking segments.

Main components of working capital are as follows: 1 Cash — Cash is the most liquid and important component of working capital.

The products will soon be re-launched nationally. Now, using more modern techniques for capacity expansion, they have begun spreading their wings and are going global. In each shift there are 90 to workers.

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