Leadership is an art book report

Do they achieve the required results?

Leadership is an art book report

Without effective communication, actively practiced, without the art of scrutiny, those values will disappear in a sea of trivial memos and impertinent reports. Understanding and accepting diversity enables us to see that each of us is needed. When that kind of trust is present, it is a beautifully liberating thing. Covenantal relationships reflect unity and grace and poise. There may be no single thing more important in our efforts to achieve meaningful work and fulfilling relationships than to learn and practice the art of communication. Notice I did not say what people can do — what we can do is merely a consequence of what we can be. Agree on the rights of work.

Since they could probably find good jobs in any number of groups, they choose to work somewhere for reasons less tangible than salary or position. Do they change with grace? In our effort to understand the capitalist system and its future, what should we keep in mind?

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In between the two, the leader must become a servant and debtor. In healthy relationships, rewards complete the process by bringing joy.

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The right to affect one's own destiny It is essential to us that we preserve our future economically.

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Leadership Is an Art by Max DePree