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Decision The study also dwells on the implications of Basel II for retail banking. Kheng, et al.

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It was difficult to collect data from all over the country on account of restraints of time and finance. The customers expected higher from banks than what they actually received [ 12 ]. I am sure after applying these trends in their respective bank; they will work with more focused approach for customer satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to diagnose service short falls in the banking system accurately by assessing and comparing customer perceptions. Get your price writers online It is relevant to refer briefly to the previous studies and research in the related areas of the subject to find out and to fill up the research gaps. Banking has also become more competitive in respect of branch network. Decision Kaur, N. Sabir RI Factors affecting customer satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan. Hinson R Determinants of Ghanaian bank service quality in a Universal banking dispensation. Thomas M.

However, the customer satisfactions vary according to the nature of service [ 4 ]. Limitations of the Study and Scope for Future Research Despite sincere efforts, the study has certain inherent limitations.

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It further revealed that the new generation private sector and foreign banks are fore-runners in customer services and the implications are for the public sector banks, who should improve their approach towards customers to perform better. Factor analysis has been used to identify the group determinant in the study.

These attributes are classified as initial experience, service delivery experience, relationship experience and grievance handling. The perception of customers towards the service of private banking sector is good when compared to the customers of public sector bank [ 45 ].

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The presence and extent of service quality and customer satisfaction examination in different countries has been pursued by the researcher. Nisha Malik and Mr.

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The problem of the customer is they are not aware of the services provided by their bank.

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