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Defense Intelligence Agency in fact lists greater innovation, improved costs sharing, barriers to entry, centralization, competition and the enterprise resources as some of the leading factors that IC ITE introduces to 21st business models.

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Clearly, the defense on the federal regulation applies the supplemental budgets that equip the DNI towards the sharing and information integration.

This is in part because of inadequate data on IT investments, and small sample sizes Brynjolfsson and Hitt,; Brynjolfsson and Yang, However, Litan and Rivlin found that the internet and electronic commerce contributed to productivity.

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Tobin, J. Further, Brynjolfsson and Hitt called for more research into how IT can become more effective, specifically identifying the right mix of growth and innovation strategies, and the business processes and organizational structures that best complement IT investment. Further, Bharadwaj et al. There is a need to develop the right and continuous recreation, a vital in the way in improving and adhering to various defense intelligence mechanism[21]. Dong, X. For example, Sabherwal and Kirs used survey data from large academic institutions in the USA to test whether the alignment between organisational strategy and IT capability could enhance firm performance. Does the amount of detail included on an issue related to its importance? Operating performance was measured using profitability and productivity performance ratios. However, the main issue concerning researchers for a long time was assessing the business value and organizational impact of IT investment, and was applied using two main research approaches. The ability to explore whether the infrastructure is collaborative questions that answer enterprise issues that are related to the firm. Johnson, A. Tan, ; Bergeron et al. Human-computer interactions: how do we make it more natural?

Indeed, studies at the firm level show that the value of IT investments is influenced by the structure, strategy, and business practices of the firms. However, based on the mixed findings of the linkage between IT spending and firm performance, some researchers in the MIS field point to IT-business alignment as a construct that can help organizations to improve the positive impact of IT on organizational performance e.

Bergeron and Raymond conducted a key empirical study of business firms, to test if the fit between strategic IT management and business strategic orientation affects performance. Transparency is provided through maximized efforts for business analyst while recreating the right initiatives and the tools for the firm.

Johnson, A.

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