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Using this model starts by writing a proposed change in the middle of a sheet of paper — this will become the hub of your wheel.

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Once you have a little bit of practice in building this kind of matrix, you will likely return to it time and time again in order to make your big decisions. In traditional managerial techniques, decisions are taken at top levels of management and these are intimated to lower levels for implementation.

Next, score each option and weigh which factors are of more importance.

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Within the matrix, rate each combination of option and factor on a scale of Influence diagrams ID - The decision network in our model is a form of influence diagram where influences are graphically represented for a decision situation.

Although the habits and experience help the managers to take decisions, even then they should take decisions only after analyzing and studying each problem and situation. Evaluate the Alternative This step involves evaluation of the various alternatives on the basis of the feasibility of a particular action, market and business situation, resources of the organization, time period in which the objective has to be achieved etc.

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Decision Making