Modern techniques to increase crop yeld

Fertilizing your corn at the time of seeding can help provide the seeds with essential nutrients like potassium, phosphorous, and calcium. Our process is a patented, quality controlled, organic method, which allows us to produce a concentrated algal solution that is unique to the market.

Precision farming, by contrast, combines sensors, robots, GPS, mapping tools and data-analytics software to customize the care that plants receive without increasing labor.

how can crop production be increased

This will give you a chance to assess your soil and monitor any weed conditions that could be detrimental to your crops. It will also let you know when proper soil conditions are forming, such as the optimal density and right amount of nutrients, so you are ready to start planting.

This is primarily due to the interference of certain pesticides with nitrificationa key component of plant growth and vitality. In addition, crops grown in a tillage-intensive environment are at a higher risk for disease due to the redistribution of pathogens during fragmenting, moving, and burying operations.

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There is a variety of techniques that can be implemented to help farmers understand their crops better, for example, the ability to analyse soil nutrients for a better outcome.

Consider your crops like the ingredients in a recipe; the quality of your soil, your seeds, and your planting practices will determine the overall strength of the final product — the crops you are growing. Before anything, you need to perform a soil test because your soil condition will directly influence the growth of your crops.

Traditional farming relies on managing entire fields—making decisions related to planting, harvesting, irrigating, and applying pesticides and fertilizer—based on regional conditions and historical data. As mentioned, with the right know-how on what to use and when, you will learn how to be more efficient.

But before you can make use of the latest and most advanced technologies and planting methods, you need to learn the science behind your seeds.

Modern techniques to increase crop yeld

Crop yields can be as complex as they are important for your farm. The best strategy to use to increase yields is: if your soil is ready, start planting.

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Smart technique can increase crop yields without harming environment