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Follow these steps: The unsubmitted timesheets appear. Note: Depending on how you or your administrator set up your timesheet options, automatically populating a timesheet does one of the following tasks: Copies all of your task assignments to your current timesheet.

In the PPM Program, you receive a government payment of 95 percent of what it would cost the government to move you. Sorting Order Ascending: Sorts the column from lowest value to highest value.

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You can automatically populate your current timesheet with tasks. Click Configure if you want to set or change the options for automatically populating the new timesheet. In the Time Entry Options section, select all options that you want for automatically populating a new timesheet.

Members conducting a PPM to, from, or between OTO locations may only be reimbursed for authorized actual expenses and not the incentive payment listed in Para.

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You are only changing the way you view your timesheets. Only your profit will be taxed, so be sure to keep track of everything to maximize your profit. Will you have packers help? In the Time Entry Options section, select all options that you want for automatically populating a new timesheet. With the PPM program, you're in control every step of the way, from deciding which moving services you want to how much of the actual move you want to handle yourself. Step 4. There are some unbelievable horror stories about military moves that will make you want to pack your belongings yourself. Follow these steps: Open a timesheet. This may sound difficult, but if you take advantage of moving company discounts and other special offers, you'll find that you can make money for yourself. Depending on the policy at your company, your manager might also want you to track the hours you spend on tasks under various charge codes and input methods. Step 5. For example: Money, Money, Money.

State laws regarding liability for accidents during a PPM move vary, so if you're involved in an accident while performing a PPM move, you should contact the legal office at the military installation nearest the accident site as soon as possible.

Populate a Timesheet When you first open a timesheet, the timesheet is blank, containing no tasks. An advance allowance may be permitted to help defray up-front costs.

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Members should seek the guidance of their origin TO to best estimate potential financial impacts of performing a PPM based on their individual allowance and circumstance. Time, Time, Time.

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When your vehicle whether you own it or are renting is ready, calculate the total weight of what you are moving. Arrange for any rental equipment or moving services you need. Copy time entries from previous timesheet Automatically populates a new timesheet with the open task entries from your previous timesheet. In the Content and Layout section, select the column labels to display on the timesheet from the Available Columns list. Your configuration changes apply to all your timesheets. You should especially consider a PPM move if you have a limited amount of items that need shipping or moving -- you may be able to take care of all the packing and transport yourself. Payments more than your actual moving costs may be taxable. PPMs may be conducted in a variety of ways, including privately-contracted TSPs, self-service moving companies, use of a privately owned or rental vehicle or trailer, or any combination thereof. No task entries appear because the timesheet is new. Note: The Populate button appears only if the automatic populate options are set.

Members mailing HHG through the U. Click Save.

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Your Personally Procured Move (PPM)