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Participants will learn the features of making convincing arguments and apply them to their work. After completing registration, you will receive a payment confirmation email including your placement test appointment.

Develop an individual plan and approach. Please click for more information. Review basics of standard correct writing. Develop pre-writing strategies for ease of planning.

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Note: We do not allow deferred enrollment from one semester to another. They should also be able to understand the main ideas and details in multi-paragraph spoken and written texts. Understand how writing goals affect organization choices. Writing Meeting Minutes This course will help participants write minutes of meetings that are clear and concise, and that accurately reflect the work of the meeting. Describe benefits in ways that will appeal to the reader. Objectives: Understand the steps to take in preparing to write. Construct organized paragraphs that include topic sentences, supporting information and details, and transition phrases. Recommended Prerequisite: Effective Writing Workshop: Level One Course Objectives Enhance your ability to write documents that communicate information more clearly, logically, persuasively, and professionally. Organize for Better Writing This course will help participants improve their writing by learning the steps of organization. Participants will eliminate email practices that contribute to confusion, and learn common email guidelines. Participants will learn the features of making convincing arguments and apply them to their work.

Objectives: Identify and correct common email writing problems. Format documents with reader-ease in mind. Make appropriate choices in topics and support material. Participants will learn to focus on organization and flow, and on appropriateness for the intended reader.

Learn note-taking tips and techniques. Understand the elements to consider before a meeting.

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