Pros and cons of general strain thepry

When one value is more important than the other, there is then little or no strain. Why do some working-class individuals not turn to crime? What a strain creates pressures or incentives to engage in coping that includes criminal conduct. The resulting behavior patterns will often be characterized by more than their share of unilateral action because an individual will have a natural desire to avoid unpleasant rejections, and these unilateral actions especially when antisocial will further contribute to an individual's alienation from society.

merton and agnew strain theory

By Shaneka Knight. Why do some individuals commit violent crime? They may align with political views which completely reject the status quo. Agnew believed that Merton's theory was too vague in nature and did not account for criminal activity which did not involve financial gain.

Those who come from the working class, are less likely to be able to access opportunities and are therefore more likely to have to result to illegitimate means drug dealing, prostitution, etc. The theory was created from Merton's strain theory to help address juvenile delinquency.

The theory recognizes that people in society are placed under several different forms of stress.

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Strain theory (sociology)