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The cases of girl child being abandoned are also common in India. Better burn your greed and spare your brides. Nisha Sharma was portrayed as a youth icon and a role model for other women. Yet this system is very much in existence Unless we are ready to bring in a change of hearts, no legislation can be effective. Fraud[ edit ] A Canadian documentary film, Runaway Grooms , exposed a phenomenon of Indo-Canadian men taking advantage of the dowry system. However, unfortunately despite the efforts made by the government as well as various social groups, this heinous system is still very much a part of the society. Pakistan has a mass of social problems to tackle today yet the biggest that the country is facing is dowry. On the other hand, the boy accepts that girl who belongs to a well-off family, highly educated in service and earns. What none of them realize is that instead of finishing the problem they are increasing it by giving into the desires of the greedy people. A study showed that while attitudes of people are changing about dowry, dowry continues to prevail. The jahez is separate from cash payment as Mahr or dower that Sharia religious law requires. He also wants a girl whose parents can give hefty dowry at the time of marriage. Providing huge dowry in such cases works and this evil practice seems as a boon for those who are able to find buy groom for their daughters. But is it a valid reason?

CEDAW codifies the rights most relevant to the discussion of dowry-related violence: the rights of women. In such circumstances, there is an element of exerting coercion on the bride's family and this is what has come to be recognized as the menace of dowry in today's times.

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It has become more of a competition these days. Democracy demands that woman should have equal status with man not only in politics but also in all other departments of life. Conclusion It is sad how even after completely understanding the ill effects of the dowry system people in India still continue to practice it.

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The elite class to some extent is responsible for this tradition because, they give luxuries to their daughter that a poor man cannot afford. Not only it is practiced by the illiterate people, but the educated people of Pakistan are also involved in the act. To further strengthen the anti-dowry law and to stop offences of cruelty by the husband or his relatives against the wife, new provisions were added to the Indian criminal law — section A [59] to Indian Penal Code and section A to the Criminal Procedure Code in Pakistan has a mass of social problems to tackle today yet the biggest that the country is facing is dowry.

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And in most cases, the capacity of the wife or her parents and the source of the funds are never tracked. But this custom proved a major handicap for many persons who could not marry early in life for want of funds to buy such gifts.

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Today we fix dowry rates for boys of different categories doctors, engineers, lecturers, business men, etc. A demand for dowry is equally punishable. Play Quiz. Several cases of women being hit and burned because of their inability of fulfilling the huge dowry demands keep surfacing every now and then. It can take up to 10 years for a case to go to court and even once in court, husbands and in-laws end up getting away with extortion or even murder because the women and their families cannot prove ' beyond reasonable doubt ' that they are the victims of such crimes , as there are rarely any outside witnesses. Conclusion The advocators of dowry system may come up with various unreasonable reasons to support the system but the fact remains that it does more harm than good to the society as a whole. Lack of Strict Laws While the government has made dowry a punishable offence, the law has not been implemented strictly. On the other hand, lower class of society has not enough to give dowry to their daughters. Not only it is practiced by the illiterate people, but the educated people of Pakistan are also involved in the act. In , India gave equal legal status to daughters and sons among Hindu , Sikh and Jain families, under the Hindu Succession Act India grants its Muslim population the Sharia derived personal status laws. The most common reasoning is that the fear of being shunned by the society gets them to practice it. Paul also, as is well known, discusses the renunciation of marriage, but genre description argumentative essay he speaks with remarkable restraint, and urges objections.

The punishment involves a minimum of 5 years of imprisonment and a minimum fine of INR 15, or the dowry amount based on whichever is greater.

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