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This is a first-time ever feat: two 3rd graders won Snowman Draw! Students gave me ideas, but I wanted to keep them excited so I sent them back to their writing notebooks to get started. Students will love You might be reminded of the term "hieroglyphics" and think about early picture writing. More Activities, Lesson Plans, and Worksheets Our snowman craftivity was such a great way to help students think outside the box! We did not complete the writing for Snowman Two together, but discussed how it would look different from Snowman One and why. It is the perfect "snow day" writing activity Students enjoyed finding clues in the writing of their peers to determine which snowman was doing the talking. Ashley is former first grade teacher and is now a "work" at home mom Then the student Use these They will be

Snow Day. This way the voices of the two characters will be noticeably different in their writing. Huff's Stuff ; 11 Feb I like to give more advanced writers an empty brain map so that they can be creative all on their own.

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Read on to see how to integrate and connect the two. They will be Snow Globe Coloring Page.

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Write instructions on how to make a snowman for a kid who has never, EVER seen snow before. I stayed at the front of the room and completed the story for Snowman Two so the whole class could have a clear idea on how to write from both perspectives.

You will be writing two paragraphs about your topic A fun holiday activity for primary grades. Snow Globe Coloring Page. I began by setting up the scene with my class. Fun for kindergarten or first grade this winter! The final product turned out great and our frosty family looked so festive hanging in the hall. The craft portion was really simple but made the writing project really pop. While this is a great practice activity for grades , it can be used where appropriate. Grade 2. Once they made their choice all they had to do was color and cut it out and then carefully glue it to the top of a bright piece of cardstock to add some extra color.

Fun for kindergarten or first grade this winter!

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snowman writing activity 3rd grade