Swot analysis home appliances of ttk prestige ltd in india

Powerful competitive strategy used by a company which can intensify competitive pressures on their rivals. Prestige Cooker is affecting its rivals by its price and the technology of being balanced cookers all through the world containing aesthetic styles and better technology efficient.

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TTK Prestige pioneered the concept of pressure-cooking in India. Constant innovation in terms of product, marketing and promotion.

Companies that are successful with introducing new technology are able to charge higher prices and achieve higher profits, until competitors imitate them. Industry attractiveness and business unit strength are calculated by first identifying criteria for each, determining the value of each parameter in the criteria, and multiplying that value by a weighting factor.

Prestige at present has many outlets; the company has entered the fast growing retail space with its exclusive Smart Kitchen outlets, which has helped in boosting brand image and demand.

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It is reflected on the reviews on various on-line platforms. It can also lead to crowd sourcing various services and consumer oriented marketing based on the data and purchase behavior. The temptation so far for the managers at Ttk Eva is to focus on the domestic market only. It also presents the resulting lists uncritically and without clear prioritization so that, for example, weak opportunities may appear to balance strong threats. Launching of anodized cookers in front challenge before all pressure cookware. Sub-standard product Quality depreciation 2. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. Social media growth can help Ttk Eva to reduce the cost of entering new market and reaching to customers at a significantly lower marketing budget. If the objective is NOT attainable a different objective must be selected and the process repeated. Unique-shaped Apple range of Inner-lid Pressure Cookers to specifically target the north and east t markets predominantly inner lid markets and to attract modern, young households. How to overcome the weaknesses that obstruct taking advantage of the opportunities?

TTK Prestige is aggressively expanding the number of exclusive outlets, which is expected to go up from in 92 towns to over outlets by the end FY Price of these cookers ranges in all income group people. Example- A. The External Factor Evaluation matrix EFE matrix is a tool of strategic management that is typically utilised to assess current market conditions.

PowerPoint Presentation: Opportunity Threats 1. In portfolio analysis top management views its product lines and business units as a series of investments from which it expects a profitable return.

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The essential difference between the above mentioned matrices lies in the type of factors incorporated in the model; whilst the latter is engaged in internal factors, the former deals exceptionally with external factors — those exposed to social, political, economic, legal, etc.

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Strategic Analysis of TTK PRESTIGE LTD.