Symbols in the glass menagerie

While all the character's seem to be trapped in their own dream worlds, it is Amanda who epitomizes counterproductive fantasizing. This shows his desire to escape the apartment, and it foreshadows his ultimate decision to do so. Blue also means sad. Blue Roses: During high school, Laura became ill with pleurosis, an inflammation of the membrane around the lung.

Symbols in the glass menagerie

Like the figurines, Laura is delicate, fanciful, and somehow old-fashioned. Let's see what some of the symbols, Tennessee Williams used are and how these symbols are inextricably connected with the central theme.

These two quotes give an impression that Laura is finally escaping her illusive world. In the same line of interpreting this symbol, it appears to be a symbol of the reality of illusion, which is overtly pleasingly to Laura.

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Tennessee Williams So he decided to make that mode of realism flexible by adopting the technique of symbolism. Not truly human but not entirely scenery, character's in a play blur the line between being real people and being mere symbols. Joven describes Amanda's character quit well: "She is presented as out of touch with reality; she is flighty, and a source of embarrassment to her children" Joven

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